Our Dental Technology in Conshohocken, PA

Ember Dental Arts is dedicated to providing the best possible patient experience using state-of-the-art tools and technology. We invest in the most up-to-date technology to cater to every patient's needs. We want you to feel comfortable in our care, at every visit!

Thanks to our modern technologies, our women-owned dental office in Conshohocken can provide treatments that are faster, more comfortable, and more effective. Your visit to Ember Dental Arts may include any of the following technologies:

Planmeca Same-Day Dental Restorations

dentist reviewing a patient's dental x-raysAt Ember Dental Arts, Dr. Heather and her team offer same-day dentistry with the Planmeca milling system. This innovative system enables patients to receive a custom-made crown or dental bridge on the same day as their appointment, eliminating the usual two-week waiting time for a new dental crown

Intraoral Camera

While x-rays help diagnose oral health issues, we take it a step further with the use of detailed imaging from an intraoral camera. This advanced technology allows us to examine areas of the mouth that cannot be seen through x-rays alone.

Panoramic Digital Radiographs

Our team uses panoramic digital radiographs, advanced imaging techniques used to provide a comprehensive view of the entire mouth for ultra-precise, highly accurate diagnoses. 

iTero Scans

To further enhance our diagnostic capabilities, our team uses the advanced iTero scanner. This cutting-edge technology creates precise 3D models of the teeth and gums, aiding in the planning and execution of various dental treatments.

Infrared Cavity Detection

Our office is equipped with infrared cavity detection technology, which allows us to identify cavities in their early stages. We can intervene promptly and provide more conservative treatment options by detecting cavities before they become more severe.

Icon® "No Drill" Fillings

For patients with less advanced cases of tooth decay, Dr. Heather offers Icon "No Drill" Fillings. These fillings provide a more gentle alternative to traditional fillings, eliminating the need for the dental drill. The Icon technique also preserves a more significant amount of healthy tooth structure than conventional drilling methods.

Experience Modern Dentistry in Conshohocken

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